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A conviction for Use of  a Wireless Communication Device in a School Zone will ADD POINTS to your license - we can help NOT let that happen!

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Beginning in September 2013, the State of Texas made it a violation of traffic law to Use a Wireless Communication Device In A School Crossing Zone. A conviction for cell phone use in an active school zone can be expensive and time-consuming and WILL ADD TWO POINTS TO YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE. If you're convicted, the fine can be as much as $200 plus court costs. Ughh!

What does it mean to "Use a Wireless Device in a School Zone?"

Basically, if you're using your cell phone or other wireless communication device to conduct a conversation, surf the internet, check emails or text messages while the cell phone is in your hand AND you're in an active school zone not using a "Hands-Free Device" - a police officer will likely issue a citation alleging you violated the law.

What is a "Hands-Free Device?"

"Hands-free device" means speakerphone capability or a telephone attachment or other piece of equipment, regardless of whether permanently installed in the motor vehicle, that allows use of the wireless communication device without use of either of the operator's hands.

(TTC § 545.425)

Think speakerphone, "bluetooth" or your vehicle's stereo if it will link to your phone for making or receiving calls without you needing to hold the cell phone in your hand during the call. 

If you’re convicted of Use of a Wireless Communication Device In A School Crossing Zone – meaning the ticket or citation is reported to Texas DPS and is “On Your Record” – your driving record will show the conviction - and the conviction
WILL ADD TWO POINTS to your license.

A ticket (for
Use of a Wireless Communication Device In A School Crossing Zone, or any other alleged traffic violation) is actually a formal summons for you to appear at court and answer the allegation against you. If you fail to appear by the date listed on the citation, you can be issued a new ticket and warrants for your immediate arrest will likely issue.

You have the constitutional right to be represented by an attorney if you so choose - which means in most cases, we can appear for you.

Our experienced and professional attorneys aggressively defend you against any alleged violation. We will fully explain all your options for disposition or trial – and you get to decide how we will proceed – the choice is always yours, but we’re here to help you understand the consequences of whatever decision you make.

DON'T EVER PLEAD GUILTY without first understanding what it will mean to your record and your ability to keep or get a Texas Driver's License.

A citation is only an accusation you violated a law - IT IS NOT a finding of guilt by itself!

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