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Do you have an Arrest, Charge, or Conviction? You could benefit from an “Expunction” and have it permanently removed from your record.

Everyone, at some point, has made a bad mistake by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. While most convictions CANNOT be removed from a person's record, Texas law DOES ALLOW certain convictions to be permanently removed from an individual’s record, under certain circumstances.

The process is called “EXPUNCTION”.

Once a person's record is expunged, ALL INFORMATION relating to the Arrest, Charge or Conviction is removed from the criminal history and the person can LEGALLY DENY the incident ever occurred!

Convictions Eligible for Expunction:

  • An arrest for a crime that was never charged

  • A Criminal Charge that was ultimately dismissed

  • Certain qualifying misdemeanor offenses committed while a person was a juvenile

  • Conviction of a minor for certain alcohol offenses

  • Arrest, Charge or Conviction on a person's record due to identity theft by another individual that was actually arrested, charged or convicted of the crime

  • Conviction for a crime that was later acquitted by the trial court or the Criminal Court of Appeals

  • Conviction for a crime that was later pardoned by the Governor of Texas or the U.S. President


If you don’t qualify for an Expunction, a “Non-Disclosure” could be an option.

A “Non-Disclosure Order” LIMITS the accessibility of your records. While it DOES NOT completely destroy qualifying records of an offense like an expunction does, it DOES REMOVE qualifying records from public record, and they CANNOT be released or accessed by certain private parties. The records will however remain available to government agencies and can be accessed for certain court actions.


Our experienced and professional attorneys aggressively seek an Expunction or Non-Disclosure Order, if you qualify. 
We will fully explain all your options and help you decide how we will proceed – the choice is always yours.

NEVER PLEAD GUILTY without first understanding what it will mean to your record. An Arrest, Charge or Citation is only an accusation you violated a law - IT IS NOT a finding of guilt by itself!

Contact us for additional information about how you can have us help you with your Expunction or Non-Disclosure.